M57 Straight From Delancey

Moscow 57, the new Russian Central Asian restaurant with live music nightly on Delancey Street in New York City  aired its  broadcast radio show, M57 Straight from Delancey, on Sunday nights from the restaurant with a live audience.  The show could be heard on WVOX 1460 AM  (and it streamed on the radio station’s website, www.wvox.com) and as a podcast on Moscow 57’s website. M57 Straight from Delancey was hosted by Moscow 57 owners Ellen Kaye and Seth Goldman along with Music Director/Producer Ethan Fein. The show, which featured live music performances, interviews with artists and community cultural icons, and it aired for fourteen weeks. The M57 Band was led by arranger/producer  Ethan Fein  on guitar and banjo and features Benjamin Franklin Brown on Bass.

Each week, the Moscow 57 guests ate and drank amid the exciting hustle and bustle of a live radio broadcast.  Engineer Bill Moss hooked up his microphones, cables and soundboard, the radio show guests gathered around their table and the quintessential New York event occured: the audience got to be part of the show.  Each episode was archived, so guests in the live audience could hear themselves on radio once the show had aired.